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ITW Construction – fastenings for wood, concrete and steel

ITW Construction is part of the international ITW (Illinois Tool Works) group. Our goal is to develop the best possible fastening solutions for local conditions. We put effort into customer-oriented product development and quality. ITW Group includes  84 companies in 57 countries and 48,000 employees.

In the new product catalogue, you’ll find all the information you need about tools and accessories. Our customer service and sales department will also be happy to answer your questions. We’re always ready to play our part in providing product training to distributors and end consumers.

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We are proud of our expertise in most fields of construction. There are few fastening solutions like the ones we offer. It’s important for us to teach and share our skills. We believe that our experiences and knowledge are what lead us forward.


The Nordic climate calls for high-quality construction products. Our tools get the job done and the fastenings have an exceptionally long lifespan after construction is completed. Temperature fluctuations are factored in and they have been made to last. For us, quality means reliability.


We have unique set of resources for manufacturing and operating at local level. Our trademarks are developed by people who are open to new ideas, innovate and create new system solutions. Our high-quality, ergonomic tools make your work simpler and faster. We have the means to implement our knowledge.


Thanks to the solutions our systems offer, your buildings will last and be of high quality. Solutions range from anchoring walls to concrete foundations, fastening timber details, windows and doors, and roofing work. The energy sources we use are gas, air, gunpowder and manpower. We have the skills, quality and means to offer solutions.

Software for choosing fastenings for timber-frame structures, Windows
Instructions for using software
Program for finding the fastening method that complies with building codes.
Paslode and Duo-Fast nails are made in Denmark, Spain and Sweden. What is EUROCODE 5?
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